A good number of our men would rather play computer games, watching sports or do the nearest local pub with their peers as opposed to having to go shopping. A large percentage of women however would rather go shopping anytime. To women, the above activities that men seem to prefer do not seem enjoyable or even make sense. Men and women pursue entirely different interests despite all the calls equality of the sexes which has even been pursued in courts of justice. In fact, not all women hate sports passé and similarly, not all men loathe shopping. Men do not have a clue when it comes to shopping and more so Christmas shopping. This explains why it can be so hard for men to get gifts for her that will make her beam with happiness. Women on the other hand do not understand sports and even more the offside rule in football. They are however good at getting Christmas gifts for him due to their love for shopping. Most people have been tempted to argue that this is due to our genetic predisposition. No phrase captures this better than ‘men are form mars and women are from Venus’. However, despite the varying explanations, our upbringings have a lot to do with this. From the early ages, boys are usually clothed in blue while girls are dressed in pink.

As Christmas approaches, the sight of frantic men and fathers trying to get hold of that perfect gift for their better halves is a common sight in our malls. In most instances, the rush usually leads to a complete disaster as they always get the wrong Christmas gifts for her. The inherent hopelessness in men when they go looking for Christmas gifts seems to be a common trait among the men folk.

Maybe this explains why they just hate the entire shopping exercise so much. A good number of men out there wouldn’t mind strolling into a store, getting some simple Christmas gift and casually walking out without the hustle of considering the likes and dislikes of the recipient. If only shopping for these gifts could be a 5 minute affair, most men would without doubt have a very easy time ad there would be hardly a man complaining. Christmas shopping is not a simple matter like most men would like to believe. Most men whenever they get into a store, they head straight to the toys, gadgets and video games section. These only make great gifts for boys and certainly not girls or women.

 Very few men would actually return home with a unique and original gift when sent for one. The best a man will do is to get you some jewelry that will undergo serious scrutiny just like the latest mp4 player in the market. You will hardly see a man considering color, taste or even style. This is what makes men fail considerably when it comes to Christmas gift shopping plus the fact that most women pay a lot of attention to detail. Women on the other hand excel in getting Christmas gifts for him perhaps due to their attention to detail. 



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