There has been a latest invention in the world of science in taking care of brain tumor as stated by latest science news. In the process tiny particles are used to target the tumors and perfectly cure them from the root. The experiment has been successful with mice and now attempts are being made to make things successful in case of human beings. Again, two research teams are working in coordination at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). They are also well accompanied by experts from the University of California at San Diego. However, these people are of the opinion that all animals have a conventional tendency of getting acquainted to pathogens and toxins. This is a good way of detecting new ailments, and get adopted to innovative treatment solutions.


The latest science newswill also speak about a connection between phthalates which are in most cases detected in plastics and cosmetics. This can really give way to diabetes in case of senior citizens. There is a higher increase in the rate of phthalates and this definitely doubles the tendency of having diabetes after a certain age.


For all intuitive skywatchers there is a sensational announcement by the latest science news. An outbound comet has been recently witnessed and experts are of the opinion that these comets have the ability to transform the frozen water to gas. This is truly an invention and would really help you understand the process of sublimation. The Chinese researchers have come up with a latest invention that a surname of a person can tell so many things in particular. It can perfectly state details about genetics, culture, society and history at large. It acts just like a genetic stamp which allows scientists to trace lineage and have a proper understanding of the several historical occurrences which has really helped in shaping the contemporary Chinese society.


Another research by the latest science news has opined that there is a great difference in the dynamics of online bullying. This one can easily understand by comparing the rulers of cyber bullying with that of conventional bullying norms. Along with these there have been other recent inventions as well. It will take time for you to know about them in details.


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