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Here are the top 10 things to do and see in Nigeria.

  1. Appreciate the Ibadan Art Deco

Ibadan is worth place to visit for its amasing architecture.  You can find colonial buildings, art deco treasures and buildings embellished with traditional Nigerian symbols.  The city itself is a 3rd largest, after Lagos and Kano has a huge university and lively student nightlife.

  1. Delight in the Beauty of Emir’s Palace

Explore  the walled ancient town of Kano, previously the biggest of the ancient cities of Hausa, and experience its lingering medieval ambiance. Founded more than 1,000 years ago, it was of specific importance to the trans-Saharan trade territory. Pay a visit to Emir’s Palace, that remains an excellent illustration of Hausa architecture, and crop up by the marvelous Gidan Makama Museum. However, security is a must in Kano nowadays, so take the most recent travel advice.



  1. Visit Gashaka Game Reserve

Nigeria’s most picturesque national park, called the Gashaka Game Reserve close to Yola offers opportunities to see more than 500 bird species. And also home to several endangered species, such as the unusual Adamawa mountain reedbuck, the park attributes big African elephant and giant eland.




  1. Relax in Calabar


Calabar is a nice town at a beautiful setting, at the top of a hill across the Calabar River. It features a Mediterranean experience, featuring its whitewashed houses, clean streets and somewhat cool climate. Do not miss the large cast iron hand statues inside the park outside of the slave museum which represent breaking free of the past.

  1. Explore the Dazzling, Busy Benin City


Contemporary Benin City is a fast developing metropolis, but it reminds of its ancient Yoruba history. The ancient city’s moat as well as wall thrive in places, and also the National Museum properties represent an unique collection of Benin royal artwork. The Oba’s Palace will be worth visiting, even though permission must be acquired in Lagos.


  1. Hike Shere Hills for Wonderful Views

The Shere Hills feature several of the West Africa’s best hiking place. Tie your hiking footwear and walk up towards the peaks of approximately 1,800m (5,900ft). Not every route are marked, so take a tour guide with you just in case you lose your way. The scenery is spectacular.



  1. Go to Jos and Have a Picnics

Jos is a favourite holiday destination due to its location 3,900ft above sea level, which means it features a nicely cool climate. The encompassing Assob Falls which several streams and dams came from,  makes an exceptionally pretty area.

  1. Climb the 7 Olumirin Falls

Local legend tells that the 7 Olumirin Falls come down from a big pot of water towards the top of the cliff. Certainly, these falls near to Akure are apparently bestowed with all sorts of enchanting powers. Additionally, they represent an achievement of strength, for fit travelers and careful enough to climb up to the top, which the views are spectacular.



  1. Visit the Ancient Monoliths in Cross River National Park

Discover the Cross River National Park in the town of Ikom, that has interesting carved monoliths set in circles, thought to be historic monuments constructed in respect to ancestors. While in the Rainforest Conservation area, you will find majestic mountains as well as rolling hills, along with wildlife such as leopards, chimpanzees, buffalos, gorillas, baboons and elephants.



  1. Discover Nigeria’s Historical Past at the National Museum in Lagos

The National Museum located at Onikan on Lagos Island holds various exhibits of Nigeria’s historical civilisations and possesses a craft centre, that offers examples of Nigerian art at fixed costs. There is a great collection of Nigerian art within the exhibition halls. However, cameras are not allowed inside the museum.