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We have had a strong start to August 2014. So strong, that South Africa experienced an earth tremor measured at 5.3 on the Richter scale. In addition to the earth tremor, MTN is also building momentum throughout Africa. The company revealed its 2014 Interim Results and also added that it was looking to explore opportunities to expand its product offering outside of traditional voice and expect to increase its presence in the digital space by leveraging technology and maximising the opportunity of low internet penetration in many parts of Africa.

Also making waves in the news this week, Dr Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communication Technology, has refuted a statement circulating sections of the media alleging that the use of mobile phones can cause cancer. In addition to this, IT News Africa has compiled a list of the top 10 viruses that will ruin your business as well as given tips on security surround Enterprise Mobility.

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Omobola Johnson refutes mobile phone cancer statement
Dr Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communication Technology, has refuted a statement circulating sections of the media alleging that the use of mobile phones can cause cancer. According to Johnson, there are no proven health hazards resulting from the use of mobile phones or proximity to telecommunications installations for now that could pose a risk to human health. Read More.

Northern Corridor countries in Africa to cut roaming costs
Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda And South Sudan have agreed on a regional telecommunications framework to establish a “One-Network-Area” by 31st December 2014. According to reports, when fully operational, charges on phones calls within the region could drop by up to 60 percent. Read More.

MTN builds momentum throughout Africa
MTN has revealed its interim financial results for the six months ended 30 June 2014. With the initial results revealed, MTN has unveiled key aspects of how it will build momentum throughout the African continent. Read More.

Gilat Satcom set to expand into Nigeria
Gilat Satcom, provider of satellite and fiber-based connectivity services in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, has revealed new fiber routes within and beyond Nigeria. Read More.

Kaspersky Lab: Women take fewer risks online
Kaspersky Lab has uncovered the many reasons why women behave more safely when using the Internet. A report about sexual differences in online safety behaviour shows that males tend to take a higher frequency of risks, while the female attitude towards security promises a longer life – women live on average six years longer than men do. Studies show that lifestyle has a greater bearing on different life expectations than genes or hormones do. Read More.

South Africa: Meet Vodacom’s R549 smartphone
Vodacom has launched the Smart Kicka, a new smartphone that is intended to appeal to the pockets of consumers looking for a cost-conscious smartphone. Read More.

Massive earth tremor hits South Africa – Social Media reacts
On Tuesday 5 August 2014, residents in Johannesburg experienced a massive earth tremor that shook Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Read More.


The blueprint for BYOD success
Just like mobile analytics, big data, the internet, and social networks changed the way companies do business, so the adoption of mobile devices has become a catalyst for change in corporations and small- to medium-enterprises (SMEs). Read More.

Multi-layer security: The new weapon against social media attacks
Enterprises around the world are rapidly seeing the business benefits of social media. In fact, social media is becoming indispensable for business. Read More.

Gartner: Gamification is a vital tool in the Digital Business
Gamification can be a powerful tool for engagement in the digital business, according to Gartner. “While people have used badges and points as motivational tools for hundreds of years, gamification can shift this motivation to a digital environment, enabling organisations to scale motivation without the constraints of cost, time, distance or connectivity,” said Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner. Read More.

Top List

10 vicious viruses that will ruin your company
With Enterprise Mobility becoming a major trend, there are security precautions that need to be taken. One of the biggest precautions would be to protect your business against vicious viruses that could not only cripple your business, but potentially ruin it beyond repair. Read More.

Top Feature

Enterprise Mobility: Security is essential
Enterprise Mobilty holds many benefits; however, there are several things that need to be considered when venturing into it. Whether your company is based in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, USA, or even the United Kingdom – becoming a mobile enterprise will offer many benefits and opportunities for your company. Employees are essentially happier when they know they have access to a variety of job critical tools that will help them get the job done. Read More.

Gadgets and Gaming

Lenovo’s YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ hits SA
Lenovo has launched the YOGA Tablet 10 HD+ in South Africa. According to the company, the device has a battery life of up to 18 hours, dependent on usage. The device features a Full HD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a sharp high resolution camera. Read More.

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