It is a well known fact that education is very important for the progress and growth of every country. But the traditional way of education is not able to provide education to every one and this was a major problem in Nigeria. However, Distance Learning in Nigeria or Study Online in Nigeria has been able to solve this problem to a large extent.

It is generally said that the development of the people is very important for the development of the nation. Many countries provide free or subsidized, accessible and quality education to their citizens, mainly to the children at elementary stage and youth at the intermediate stage. In addition, distance learning has also contributed in providing opportunity to the people to receive education and help towards the progress of their nation.

Similarly, Distance Learning in Nigeria has also excelled in providing quality education to the people. Study Online in Nigeria has a unique ability to meet the three challenges of the three main factors in the delivery of education; they are access, quality and cost. All these factors are very important in providing education for the overall growth of a country. Distance Learning in Nigeria has helped in increasing access to education which is significantly helpful in enhancing human capital. Thus, Study Online in Nigeria has great importance.

The successive governments of Nigeria have made efforts consistently to formulate policies which were directed towards providing equal and educational opportunities to the people of the country. Thus, with the establishment of Distance Learning in Nigeria has helped the government in achieving their goals to a considerable extent. The government found that there was a profound gap of over 850,000 annual shortfalls of candidates who were denied access to university education. However, the government took a bold step to establish Study Online in Nigeria in the year 2001 to solve the problem of denied access to education.

Distance Learning in Nigeria is an alternative method of education and is much better than the conventional method which is restricted and limited in scope. Study Online in Nigeria is a more elastic and accessible mode of education. Distance Learning in Nigeria has been possible due to the developments in the field of technology and internet. Students can Study Online in Nigeria just with the help of a computer and internet connection; there is no need to buy books. Thus education has become affordable and accessible through Distance Learning in Nigeria.

In Study Online in Nigeria, there is no need to attend regular classes as the students can study from the comfort of their home. They can even continue study while working. This is so because Distance Learning in Nigeria provides flexibility of time and location. Students can study anytime and from anywhere according to their convenience without leaving their other obligations and responsibilities. Above all, Study Online in Nigeria will definitely provide a good job.

Thus, Distance Learning in Nigeria or Study Online in Nigeria has become an important part of the Nigerian education system.

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