It appears that a new new culture of luxury It appears that a new new culture of luxury smartphones is  on the increase  in African market. This development is  powered by an insatiable appetite for hi-tech lifestyle accessories.

This is even as the rich, the young and the  urban African middle class push the demand for luxury smartphones to record high.


Customers, according to analyst are actually shopping for luxury smartphones as the  demand is impressively high amongst the young urban demographics.

But contrary to a slow in demand for luxury mobile as predicted by market analysts, consumers are opting for the high-end functions of luxury smartphones.

Usually, it will  cost a smartphone user on the average of  $ 450 to $ 600 to get a top flagship. This might seem too high  a price tag as most people will argue. However,  the smartphone user of today is well informed to equate tenable value for such a high price.

Meanwhile, a   rising work on-the-go culture which is driving the professional urban class to seek for  hi-performance smartphones as substitute for cumbersome PCs for work-on-the-move and strong socialite culture in African markets with substantial urban middle class such as  Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt are two major factors driving the sales of super smartphones in Africa

According to industry watchers, people just  like  to be seen with high end phones  and the culture of buying  luxury accessories is an urban mainstream.

But the question many have continued to ask is what exactly do super smartphones bring to the table? Top smartphone brands  like  Samsung  S7, iPhone 6S, Tecno  Phantom 6+ ( expected this month),  LG G5, among others  have redefined smartphone photography as these flagships spot high power lenses with wider aperture and great shutter speed.

This is even as top  flagships like the Tecno  Phantom series have enjoyed great reviews year-on-year with  Hi-fi audio quality and stereos optimization.

Other high-end brands have followed suit; towing the line of quality surrounded experience through Hi-fi compatibility.

Tecno Phantom 6, which is expected this month by  the Asian mobile maker, will no doubt,   add extra flavour  to the smartphone  ecosystem as the device is coming with  some ground breaking specs such as 4K video compatibilty, ultra-slim unibody-believed to be the slimmest flagship with dual rear cameras.

One thing is clear.  As mobile makers bump up phone specs to offer consumers more value, demand for super smartphones could only be expected to slow to trough in  the coming years.



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