For many businesses getting noticed on the Internet can be hard. But schemes such as Google Adwords have made things a little easier for businesses. And this month Google launched product listing Ads in the UK adding images and simple product details helping businesses attract more customers. With the aim of simplifying the advertising process, this is an extremely good move from Google who said that users were two times more likely to click on a new product listing add than on a standard one with only text.

This is big SEO news that came into place at the beginning of November, and website owners in the UK can now take advantages of these welcomed changes. It is currently only a beta feature, but soon this will be increased and be available to everybody.

This brand new format offers a more attractive advert, instead of standard text we’re all used to seeing; now there are now product images, details and merchant website and name. This new feature gives viewers all of the relevant product details and imagery without anything else getting in the way, it is a great way to visually give users a glimpse into your product range and price which will then lead to higher click rate and online sales from search adverts. Google also tailors your adverts to match up with relevant online searches making sure you always appeal to the right market.

There are two great new features to Google Product Listing. PPC or Pay per click offers users the opportunity to only pay when a user clicks on the advert and completes a purchase through your site. It is a risk free way to promote your business to a larger audience. Another great feature is that it requires no additional text or keywords, whenever a relevant search is typed into Google; they automatically show the most relevant products, a product image, price and name. And you can easily promote your entire product inventory online.

Google Product Listings create a more engaging user experience and it couldn’t be easier to promote your business online with Google. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, established and new this new scheme is going to greatly appeal to many offering them tailored search results and the targeted information and image will no doubt show great results to users. And the PPC feature makes the adverts even more appealing and hassle free to set up and use.

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