Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has commended Liberia’s fight against the Ebola virus and the China-Liberia cooperation in the process of halting the transmission of the virus in Liberia.

He told reporters on Monday in Monrovia before ending his two-day visit to Liberia.

He declared that: “under the strong leadership of President Ellen Johnson and with the strong solidarity of the Liberian people, you have successfully become the first country to end the Ebola epidemic.”

The virus claimed nearly 4,000 lives in Liberia alone.

Wang hailed the two countries’ cooperation and their deepened friendship on the cooperation to fight Ebola.

“In our joint battle against Ebola, we have cooperated closely with each other.

“We have come to cherish our relationship more dearly and both sides have realized that the other is a reliable and important partner,” he said.

Following the outbreak of the fatal epidemic, China was the first country to send a team of trained health workers to Liberia together with much needed personal protective equipment.

Their arrival helped accelerate the response process that led to a drastic reduction in the death rate of healthcare workers that were exposed to the virus through contacts with patients.

Wang during his visit also discussed with his hosts ways to boost Liberia’s economic and social reconstruction.

“In Sino-Liberian cooperation, the path of development chosen by Liberia should first and foremost be respected and the “strategic needs of Liberia’s national development should be well considered”, he said.

Wang pledged China would speedily help Liberia increase its independent development capacity that would benefit and eventually trickle down to the entire population.

Wang, saying China’s approach of pursuing interest and upholding justice meant the country would not attach any political conditions or impose any request on its relationship with the African nations.

He said China would focus on helping Liberia’s infrastructure development and human capacity.

He promised that China would encourage more businesses to more actively take part in Liberia’s resource development and transfer high-quality industrial capacity to the country.

“Only by doing so can we make sure that the country will realise its sustained and long-term development,” said Wang, who is on a tour of Ebola-hit West African countries.

Wang is expected to leave Liberia for Sierra Leone and Guinea.