When starting up a business, it might be difficult to raise funds needed to get things running smoothly. It is important to look for creative ways to kick start your business and push it to the next level.

Small Business

Here are some ways you can access funds for your small business:

Personal Savings:

Your savings is probably your first means of funding your business. You will have to make investments from your pocket before people like family and outside investors come in to fund you. If you are really passionate about your business, liquidating some of your assets or selling off unneeded property to fund your business shouldn’t even be out of place.

Government Grants and Loans:

Governments all around the world are recognizing the role small businesses play in the economy by creating employment and improving the standard of living of its citizenry, hence they facilitate loans for small businesses.

All you have to do is check government websites and monitor any news or information about schemes or grants and loans that serve as funds for your kind of business.


If you have a brilliant idea without the capital to fund it, forming a partnership with someone who has the funds might just be the logical thing to do. Partners may have equal say in the happenings of the business, depending on how the deal is structured, but both of you are also equally financially responsible.

However, it is wise to bring in someone who, not just has money, but is bringing in some level of expertise as regards the running of the business.


Crowd funding is a method of raising funds by asking lots of people for small amounts of money. It has been upgraded to reaching out to potential fund-raisers to support or be part of a business through a website.

Examples of raising money through crowd funding;

Being part of a Cooperative Society: Belonging to a cooperative society can help you raise funds if you can pitch your idea to members of the cub.

Family members: For many small business starters, a lot of them will probably tell you they raised money from family members. This is an interesting and effective means of crowd funding especially if you are the type that is admired by family members.

Crowd funding through online websites: This is raising of funds through a community of people on a website.


A small business that isn’t capital intensive can try to start selling its services and get their early customers operating cash flows to fund their business. It is difficult early on to get investment for your business from angel investors or venture capitalists. This is when you have to leverage on your customers, although using this approach will mean you will have to sharpen your money management skills in order not to misuse the funds.